Zenterio Reports First Quarter 2017

DATUM: 2017-05-12     KATEGORI: Private Equity

January – March 2017:

  • Deployed license base
  • The VAS (value added services) enabled license base grew by 22 thousand licenses to an accumulated base of 5,7 million.
  • Net sales and other operating income decreased by -9 % year-on-year to SEK 60,3 million (SEK 66,6 million)
  • EBITDA in the first quarter 2017 was SEK -9,6 million (SEK -2,5 million)
  • Net result in the first quarter 2017 was SEK -21,2 million (SEK -15,8 million)

Comments from Jorgen Nilsson, CEO of Zenterio: We have just concluded the first quarter of 2017 and our industry is definitely moving forward with increasing momentum. Not so much on the technology front, but more driven by the growing choice of options available to consumers for watching content whenever and however they want, underpinned by the increased simplicity and access provided by the combination of broadband and OTT services.

In Zenterio, as many projects came to delivery our first quarter has been a time for reflection on what this means for us and the strategic direction that we need to take in order to stay competitive. This has required an understanding of which trends impact us most and how we can respond based on what we are good at, whilst at the same time continuing to move the company’s financial performance towards profitability and stability.