Holmströmgruppen is a privately held company of property and investment companies that is registered and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The company was founded by Fredrik Holmström, 2006. The group is organized into three business areas: property, new housing construction and investments in listed and unlisted companies.

Why three areas? Two reasons: They provide an excellent cross-fertilization of ideas, and they offer a healthy risk distribution. Our core business lies in management and ownership of properties, mainly in Sweden.



Focused but open minded
Focus is a key word for us. That is why our goal is to concentrate on being a committed and active owner of property in a few selected markets. At the same time, to achieve favorable risk diversification, we complement our main property focus by allocating venture capital from this core business to other sectors when the right opportunities arise. The whole idea is to add value by actively and responsibly exercising our ownership role.

Seizing new opportunities
With a stable cash flow from our property holdings as a platform, our aim is to capitalize on investment opportunities that arise and apply our unique personal commitment to creating value growth over many generations. This long-term thinking is important to us. We believe it’s the only way to continuously improve and develop the properties and investments in our portfolio – a fundamental driver to our growth and profitability.

Excellent service and quality
Our property operations are actively managed with an emphasis on excellent service and quality products for sustainable, comfortable housing. We act and manage with the aim of maintaining our properties over many generations. Our private equity operations have a long-term investment horizon and our focus is on creating lasting value growth.

Balancing people, profit and planet
We are committed to long-term sustainable development and see environmental issues as a natural part of our work. This includes taking a responsible approach to the environment as well as how we treat people. We are also convinced that a sound approach to sustainability issues provides greater benefits, both for us as a company and for the world at large.



It’s very simple. We believe that happy, enthusiastic tenants are good for business. That is why – as we develop, convert and manage properties in attractive residential locations throughout Sweden – we keep their wellbeing firmly in mind. It’s part of our core commitment and a foundation for our own success as well.

At the moment, our main geographic emphasis is on Stockholm, Linköping, Kalmar och Örnsköldsvik. This relatively narrow focus enables us to manage more efficiently and provides us with just the right local market expertise.

Managing for generations to come
Currently, we own 80 high-quality properties and manage a total of about 160 000 m2 of commercial office space and residential housing. The focus is on responsible long-management in order to secure high-quality living and working spaces for future generations. By placing a strong focus on the quality of our accommodations, we’ve historically been able to achieve a very high level of satisfied tenants.

Our guiding values for success as a property owner are closeness to customers, personal commitment and a long-term approach.

Active management philosophy
Our business is based on a philosophy of active management, which means providing excellent service and quality products that ensure sustainable and comfortable home living. We act and manage with the aim of maintaining our properties for many generations. There is a noticeable and crucial difference between our approach and that of our colleagues.

Our investment property is managed through F. Holmström Fastigheter AB, a wholly owned subsidiary.

"We are relationship-
driven investors with
a long-term strategy"

– Fredrik Holmström
Chairman of the Board



Holmström Private Equity (HPE) is always on the lookout for investments where it can help unlock the full potential of tomorrow’s great companies. As an active investor, we make our knowledge and network available to the companies in our portfolio while at the same time continually refining and developing our overall holdings.

We generally hold board positions in our portfolio companies and apply our extensive business experience and network to develop our investments. We are a long-term investor with a relationship-driven approach.

Investing in Sweden and internationally
A portion of the positive cash flow generated from our investment property is allocated to a broader portfolio of holdings. Holmström Private Equity focuses on small to mid-sized growth companies. As an active investor, we are always seeking entrepreneurial companies where we can add capital, expertise and provide access to our business network. We work closely with both the management teams and board of directors to make a key strategic difference for companies and their owners. By adding value to our portfolio companies, we also increase the overall value of our own investments.

Growing great companies
We are a dynamic investor with strong commitment to growing companies. We usually take a position on the board and use our extensive experience and network to further develop our investments. We are a long-term investor with a relationship-driven approach.

The deciding factor in our investment decisions is the management, owners and people behind each company. Naturally our investment strategy is also based on the company’s overall potential and opportunities for growth based on a number of parameters, while the specific industrial sector and nature of operations are of secondary importance.

Doubling the value in five years
We only invest in companies where we see a potential to double the value of a company within a five-year time frame. In recent years, we’ve acquired and divested of several successful investments. To view divested investments, click here.

Long-term value growth
Holmströmgruppen has a long-term investment horizon and our focus is on creating long-term value growth. We have no predetermined exit strategies, choosing instead to time and manage our divestments and acquisitions based on the prevailing market conditions.



Through our partly owned subsidiary, Magnolia Bostad, we develop a wide variety of property projects for new rentals, condominiums and hotels in attractive growth locations throughout Sweden. The aim is to provide affordable homes that help people to realize their visions, needs and dreams for the future.

Putting our experience to work
Together, our team has many years of experience in property conversion and development projects in some of the fastest growing residential areas of Sweden. This ranges from managing residential development projects from the ground up to the renovation of existing homes. Through Magnolia Bostad, we’ve created a platform to achieve our goal of becoming one of the largest residential developers in Sweden.



Born in 1971, Fredrik is the Founder of Magnolia Bostad and Chairman since 2009. He is also owner of Holmströmgruppen, the parent company of a privately held group of companies focusing on residential construction, acquisition and management of property, as well as trading in listed and unlisted holdings.

Fredrik is a Swedish-born entrepreneur, property expert and visionary who believes in the power of people to change, develop and achieve amazing things. His long-term focus on identifying and developing talent is essential in today’s dynamic work environment where new skill sets are required to cope with change, particularly in the property sector. It is the people behind the Holmströmgruppen that set us apart.

Empowering ambitious people
To thrive in these fast-changing times, we’ve created an open culture where our employees can develop professionally, feel empowered to make decisions and thus perform a better job. We are a gender-diverse team with a wide range of competencies, backgrounds and experiences. However, the common thread in our organization is cultivating a culture based on awareness, ambition and commitment – a place where we are all equal.