Zenterio appoints Jörgen Nilsson as CEO and prepares for Initial Public Offering

DATUM: 2015-04-01     KATEGORI: Private Equity
Zenterio, a provider of an independent software platform for interactive TV, announced today that the Board of Directors has appointed Jörgen Nilsson as Chief Executive Officer, effective April 2, 2015, and that the company prepares for an Initial Public Offering during 2015.


During the past year, Zenterio has gone from 100 to 200 employees by acquiring four companies and growing organically, as well as developed a more complete solution for the TV operators, including value added services. This journey has taken Zenterio to the next phase, hence changing the leadership requirements.


– After an extensive search process, we are very pleased to announce Jörgen Nilsson as Chief Executive Officer who we believe is the perfect match when Zenterio is now moving into the next phase. We are leaving the entrepreneurial start-up phase and transforming into a larger and more established company. Jörgen Nilsson has a proven track record of growth leadership within our industry and his experience will be very beneficial for Zenterio going forward, says Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, Chairman of the Board.


Jörgen Nilsson has more than 30 years’ of experience from Senior Executive roles within telecom, IT and technology at leading companies including Ericsson, Hewlett Packard and Acision. At Ericsson he worked for over 10 years as the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Vodafone’s Global Customer Unit. As Chief Executive Officer at Acision, Jörgen lead the transformation of its core business to a profitable and industry relevant position. Lately he has had held several non-executive advisory roles for technology companies.

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