Zenterio and Linköping University make TV more social

DATUM: 2017-01-19     KATEGORI: Private Equity

As part of its mission to fuel innovation, Zenterio has been working with Linköping University to explore ways that television can be combined with the capabilities of social networks to make the TV user experience more rewarding and absorbing. Zenterio has been collaborating with LIU on the PUM course since 2012.

During Autumn 2016, Zenterio has been cooperating closely with Linköping University to inspire innovation. The international PUM software engineering course, organized by Kristian Sandahl, Professor of Software Engineering and Rita Kovordanyi, lecturer in the Dept. of Computer and Information Science, provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn how to participate in and manage a startup company. Zenterio has been collaborating with the course for the past four years.

On the course, 120 students from different backgrounds create four virtual companies to develop projects proposed by Zenterio. The projects are chosen as part of the Zenterio innovation process, where initial ideas are evolved into potential products.