Welcome to the new Pay-TV world

DATUM: 2019-01-18     KATEGORI: Private Equity

New market entrants have emerged in the world of pay TV and profoundly changed the competitive landscape for operators. Very few pay-TV operators would have assumed that today people would be purchasing premium video content from the same companies that used to sell them books and DVDs online! But this is the case, and as it is a trend that will likely accelerate, pay-TV operators need to find new ways of competing more effectively with these new entrants.

The answer appears obvious to us here at Zenterio – we see a need for operators to emulate the best features and functionality of these new competitors while leveraging what is unique about their own market position. By taking a series of coherent steps, we believe pay-TV operators can overcome a crisis of confidence and not just respond to this competitive threat but actually neutralise it.