OrganoClick has been granted SEK 2.3 million

DATUM: 2017-06-16     KATEGORI: Private Equity

OrganoClick has been granted SEK 2.3 million by Vinnova for the development of a biocomposite material for furniture and furnishings in public spaces. The biocomposites will be based on oat husk from agricultural side-streams in combination with OrganoClicks binder and fiber moulding technology.

By using OrganoClick®’s technologies and knowledge in development of bio-based materials, the goal is to develop prototypes of furniture and interior design, which will be evaluated together with the other project partners in a variety of aspects, such as functionality, sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

An important prerequisite for the conversion from fossil-based to bio-based materials is that the products are attractive to end customers from an overall perspective. Bio-based products often face the challenge of beeing more expensive than the corresponding fossil-based products. By, as in this project, starting from utilizing waste from agricultural sidestreams that would otherwise be incinerated, there is potential to create not only an environmentally attractive product, but also a cost advantage for the bio-based fiber-moulded products.