Meet Zenterio at ANGA COM 2017 in Cologne

DATUM: 2017-05-30     KATEGORI: Private Equity

Europe is the most diverse region in the world for Pay TV. It includes some of the pioneers of digital TV as well as some of the newest service providers. There are markets that are mature and those that are experiencing rapid growth. Europe has some of the smallest countries and some of the largest, with multiple languages and multiple layers of regulation.

Adding to this complexity is the widespread availability of broadband both in and out of home. As elsewhere, consumers expect to be able to watch their TV wherever they are, on whatever device they have with them.

The solution to minimizing the cost of this complexity is to reuse technology across different devices and across different regions. However this needs to be done in a way that still allows the service to be tailored to the requirements of each individual market. Monolithic, off-the-peg solutions don’t meet this need, and can lead to expensive vendor lock-in. Zenterio’s STB middleware and JetUI user experience solutions avoid these shortcomings by integrating all of the common pay TV technologies, whilst at the same time enabling customization according to an operator’s specific business needs.