All time high for Zound Industries

DATUM: 2015-04-13     KATEGORI: Private Equity
The Stockholm-based lifestyle electronics company Zound has had their most successful year so far. Total sales for the year amounted to 534,7 million SEK, represented an increase of 220.8 million, an upturn of 70 percent from previous year. Further Zound Industries reports an improved operating profit of 41.5 million, compared to -7.9 million for 2013.


– Our mission was clear from the very beginning: Go big. We’re not only about the latest colors and trends anymore; we have become a reliable partner to several consumer electronic chains and telecom operators with our global award winning products. We’ve also seen a huge increase in the speaker segment, that now represent almost half of the total sales, says Konrad Bergström, President and co-founder of Zound Industries.


Zound Industries was founded 2009 and has four brand under it’s umbrella. Urbanears, Marshall Headphones, Coloud and Molami. The four brands are currently represented in over 20 000 stores in 100 countries. The main markets are fore most the Nordics, the US and France with distribution through distributors, directly to the B2B and e-commerce to end-consumers.


During 2014 Zound Industries partnered with telecom giant TeliaSonera, enabling the telecom operator to bundle fashion headphones, audio speakers and device accessories together with their mobile telecommunications. During the year, the effort has continued on implementing internal and external changes to allow growth and profitability in the coming years. Important investments have been made to strengthen the organization by recruiting a number of key employees, introduction of new business processes and product development.


– One of the biggest challenges ahead will be to cope with the pace of our expansion, with all the practicalities involved in it. This year we have gone from being a company with 60 employees to a 100 and we’re planning on going even bigger in the future, Konrad Bergstöm continues.

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